Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Best Price on Copper Kitchen Aid Mixers

The iconic Kitchen Aid stand mixer. 
 I have never owned one and I do a fair amount of cooking and baking.  A hand mixer was the way I  handled mixing up batters and whipped cream and pie fillings for decades!  But once I spied the copper colored Kitchen Aid mixer I decided it was time for me to get one.  My sister has one, my son and daughter-in-law have one, and even my grandmother had one. Nana had the old Sunbeam Mixmaster,  a stand mixer that predated these more powerful mixers by Kitchen Aid.
Once I decided to get one, I found that it wasn't as simple as picking a color, I had to pick a model first,  as there are many models to choose from.  

 The engines that run the mixers get more powerful as the size goes up.  The mini Artisan has a 3 quart capacity, the Artisan Tilt Head holds 5 quarts, and the Professional model holds 6 quarts.  The capacity is what helped me make up my mind, as I might be mixing up a box cake mix, a batch of cookies or maybe even two loaves of bread, so I chose the Artisan Tilt Head model, which is the most popular choice of home chefs.  The largest size would be more difficult for everyday mixing of normal size batches of ingredients.  Next I would look for the copper color I loved. 
 Turned out there are more than one copper finish offered by Kitchen Aid. 
The prettiest shiniest copper finish is the "satin copper".  
A search on  Kitchen Aid's website shows two mixers in copper.  
 The largest was a 7 quart  Professional Limited Edition Pro Line Series.
 The price tag was a hefty with  $999.99 and was unavailable on their site, 
but I did find it at Williams Sonoma. Below you will see what Kitchen Aid 
shows when searching "copper mixer".

The same pretty "satin copper" finish is also available in the Mini Artisan,
 but this model is just too small for my needs.  

After more searching I found the 5 quart  mixer in the "satin copper" at Crate and Barrel for $599.00
However the price was also too steep.  The other range of colors were offered around $399.99, and an upcharge of $200 seemed unfair.  Amazon revealed a Copper Pearl finish in the 6 quart size for $399.99, which is a great buy, but I wanted the Artisan 5 quart model.  Still determined to find a Kitchen Aid mixer in copper at a price I was happy with, I pressed on and continued my online search.  
Everything Kitchens, an online retailer for many major brands, carried most of the Kitchen Aid models and all of the copper finishes in the 5 quart sizes.  They had it in the "satin copper", the "copper pearl" and the "antique copper" finishes.  Ultimately I decided upon the Copper Pearl finish. The price was right at $299.00!  I hoped the color would be coppery enough.....I would just have to wait and see.  From everything I researched I had read nothing comparing the copper finishes, only that the metallic series featuring the shinier "satin copper" was it was showing wear and scratch marks after repeated cleanings.  Not a good thing.  So I placed my order and waited....
The day it came, I excitedly got it out of the box and set it up on the kitchen sideboard. 
I was really happy with the color!  These mixers are usually too tall to put on the counter if you have upper cabinets, so make sure you have a place to put your beautiful mixer.  I wanted to look at it as a part of my kitchen decor, so that was important that it have a place to sit everyday.  This quick Instagram pic shows the finish, and although it is not as shiny as the real copper items you see next to it,  its pretty darn close.  
And here under the glare of kitchen lights, it gleams with the copper look I was hoping for....
Reeve loves to sit and watch me cook in the kitchen, and now with my new copper mixer, it gives us more reason to have fun in the kitchen together.  

I am very happy with the Artisan Tilt Head mixer in Copper Pearl, and was excited to find the Everything Kitchens website that offered such a great price.  ( This is not a sponsored post by the way, its just to help anyone who like me, was obsessing on the new Copper colored Kitchen Aid Mixers!)
Do you have a Kitchen Aid Mixer?   What color and how do you like it?  Was it a gift or something you decided to buy for yourself?  I would love to know!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Vintage Copper in my kitchen

Copper is trending again in kitchen design, and after seeing it in some of my favorite designer's kitchens, it ignited a desire to start collecting copper cookware and accents for my kitchen.  Green accents like the French enamel canister set and buffalo check curtains and tole tray won't be going anywhere, instead I planned to mix in some warm pretty copper pieces to give it a fresh look.
Mr. Maison Decor and I took a trip to Ontario, Canada to visit some friends, and it was
there that I was able to get a bunch of old copper pieces when visiting an antique market.
The handled piece on the island holds a pot of flowers from the supermarket and I can imagine just changing this out as the blooms fade.  Maybe some pansies in spring, and then some herbs in the summer.  I made room for a shelf full of copper, hanging up the copper mules I already had from last year, with some smaller pans, a cute tiny berry colander  with brass feet and a cheese grater with brass handle.
Some copper scoops were found at an online auction in a mixed lot set of vintage copper.  
The teapot by the window was found in Canada and hails from Denmark.
This pretty teapot sits on its owning warming station, that holds coals to keep the teapot warm.  
It had a lot of lovely handmade details and was the last piece I spotted in the antique market.
Lots of molds were to be found, and I walked away with quite a few,
including the heart shaped mold that has a pair of swans.  
 Swans mate for life, and I think its a fitting design for a heart mold, 
especially appropriate today on Valentines Day.
There is a load of copper that I still have yet to hang up or figure out what to do with,  but I imagine a wall rack to go over this kitchen sideboard where I keep my new copper Kitchen Aid Mixer.  Believe it or not, I have never owned a big mixer like this, and I have to say I am loving everything about it!  I made a birthday cake and a pumpkin pie, and it was so much nicer than using a hand mixer.
It might take a little time to display it in the way that I want to, but I will be sure to share when I do.
A copper colander just like I had in the 80s and some copper measuring cups were just part of the vintage copper group I found on the EBTH website.  
See the old English copper clock in the mirror's  reflection? 
 That was found on the website Chairish, another new to me online auction site.  
Made in England, this vintage clock has a simple school house look, just perfect for a kitchen.....
a french country kitchen with copper accents.  

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Copper in the Kitchen

Copper cookware and accents used in kitchens is nothing new in design, but as trends come and go, this is one that has stuck around.  My first kitchen in my very first apartment was outfitted with copper accents.  I had a big copper pot rack and it hung above a second hand copper colored Tappan range. Copper canisters and a copper colander and a few other copper accents made my kitchen the country kitchen of my young dreams.
Fast forward through a series of house moves and over time the copper disappeared from my kitchen decor.  Maybe I just switched my attention and copper lost its fascination for me.  Well, I am here to say I have fallen in love with copper all over again!  It seems as if I am not alone, as it is appearing in kitchens of some of my favorite designers and bloggers.
Martha Stewart has led the way in setting trends and making certain antiques popular once again when she uses them in her own kitchens and on her baking show.  I spy two (!!) copper Kitchen Aid mixers and measuring spoons and copper molds on the wall.  The copper looks beautiful with the marble and the breadboards and the rustic potted herbs.  I developed a fixation on Martha's copper Kitchen Aid mixer, and the next thing I knew, I was researching the models, the color finishes, and am happy to say I found one at a very good price. My next blog post will be about my mixer and all that I discovered, as soon as I take some pictures of it in my kitchen. Until then I am sharing some amazing copper in amazing kitchens that hopefully inspire you as much as they did me.
Martha Stewart's Bedford, NY  Kitchen
In Martha's  New York kitchen she has a wealth of copper molds and pots and pans displayed on the walls in this huge industrial space.  I also did a lot of research on copper cookware, and was surprised to learn what I found might be interested in learning that good copper cookware is expensive, and the copper will discolor when used on the stove.  Reading the reviews that are posted about different manufacturers will tell a lot about a product line. Copper cookware from different manufacturers vary in quality. I love the look of copper pans hanging in a kitchen, it is very French, so that adds to the appeal for me. (More on that in my next post, as I share the cookware I did purchase and the reasoning behind my decision.)
Martha Stewart's Turkey Hill Farm, CT Kitchen
In her former Connecticut kitchen, an oversized pot rack matches the equally oversized island
and holds a shameful amount of copper pans. It is both obscene and inspiring! If you look closely you will see a stainless pot sitting on the cooktop, making one wonder if this collection is purely decorative.  Even so,  I have to say the copper looks amazing!
French Country Cottage 
This cottage kitchen belonging to Courtney Allison of the French Country Cottage blog, is
just beautiful!  The copper pots appear to be new and hang from a rod suspended inside
the range hood positioned over her blue French LaCanche range.  
Another peek at Courtney's kitchen....just a few well placed copper accents give this kitchen the French cottage charm I love.  Her kitchen also gave my obsession over copper fuel that I was on the right path.  My collection has grown after searching online antique listings, antique shops, thrift shops,  Marshalls and HomeGoods, which are all great places to find copper.  Target and Kohls carry copper accents, so if you are like me, once you start looking for it, you can be certain you will find it.
Switching over to copper has me taking out things and playing around with some of my "new" pieces, like this tin lined copper mold of a pineapple.  I brought it home from the thrift shop and hung it up above a ceramic mold and loved the shiny coppery color.  Now I have a big collection of old and new copper including mixing bowls, shovel scoops, measuring cups, colanders, pans and molds of many shapes and sizes....
and that fabulous copper Kitchen Aid mixer!
I promise I will be back soon with some photos as soon as I finish hanging things where I want them.
Having a lot of fun with my on again off again obsession...can you tell?

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Purple Transferware Lamps

Hello hello hello!  
Happy to be back in blog land after a nice respite. A happy holiday season is in the books for 2017.  Unlike many bloggers, I try to blog only when feeling inspired about something I want to write about it.  Bleak weather is certainly uninspiring, and many of us in New England have learned the art of hunkering down for a few months.  Hibernation? Yes, it feels like that, especially in January after the Christmas tree and the twinkling lights are all packed away.  With a stretch of winter ahead of us, I tend to get into cooking, and reading, and more quiet pursuits that don't involve leaving my nest.  Decorating takes a back seat to everything, but recently I got a tip from a friend about a pair of lamps that were up for auction on an online site. Purple transferware lamps to be exact.  While my collection of purple transferware has bordered on an obsession, I have come to a place where I only want to collect the rarer and more special pieces of transferware.  
A pair of lamps in purple transferware?  I had never seen such a thing,
and so I was definitely interested. Bidding  on the Everything But the House website 
was a first for me.  As you can see, I prevailed and the pair of lamps arrived well
packed and in fabulous condition.  They are a pattern match to some of the transferware I 
own, a pattern called Tonquin, by Royal Staffordshire designed by the artist Clarice Cliff.
They set on reticulated brass bases with brass finials.  A pair of lampshades were 
purchased at the local big box store in a silvery grey, to complement my home.
Not sure where they will end up going, but for now I have them in the 
living room on either end table next to the sofa.  Winter is also a good time
to think of what to do for the spring and summer, and its also a good time to
get indoor projects done.  Of course I am babysitting my darling little Reeve several
days a week, so that helps the winter fly by as well.  But as far as projects go,
my darling dog Piper decided to dig her claws into the arm of the sofa slipcover
and so a new slipcover is in order.  Winter is a good time to get a sizable sewing 
project finished before the good weather beckons.
Of course my dogs have dog beds and kennels, but when my back is 
turned they think its great fun to race in circles around the big trunk
coffee table, up onto the sofa, then spring off onto the carpet and round 
again they go.   Hence a torn slipcover.  I made it twelve years ago, and it
has stood the test of time and many launderings....but it couldn't withstand 
a girl dog named Piper. 

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Champagne and Christmas Lanterns

The weekend before Christmas I like to host a small luncheon for a couple
of special friends.  Making time for Christmas is the key to making sure I get to
stop and smell the roses during this hectic season.  We also do a gift swap and this year 
I was inspired by some Christmas Lanterns I saw on Pinterest.  
Each guest was asked to bring a lantern and any miniature items they may
have on hand for creating a vignette insdie the lantern.
 The end result was as charming as it was varied.  
My lantern had some hand dyed  bottle brush trees in purple,
and a tiny cardboard church, both brought to the lantern party
by someone who knows me well, my friend, Matthew Mead.
Matthew brought his camera to record some of the festivities 
and take some shots of my decorations.
Even Piper posed like a good girl for him.
White lace place mats brought home from Italy as a gift by
my son Colin were a treat to use for this wintery place setting, as were the vintage 
gold napkin holders I found with my husband while visiting the shops in Concord.
 A purple transferware bell was found at the wonderful Thoreauly Antiques shop
 in Concord center.  I always walk away with lots of goodies from that shop.  
 Matthew Mead made a delicious gingerbread cheesecake.
He is a wonder at so many things, baking and artful presentation included. 
 This cake was a scene stealer, and it was just perfect for a Christmas party.
We enjoyed French champagne while we dined and then began our crafting session
all around my dining room table after we finished eating.
A pretty pink ornament caught Matthew's eye...
 Some simple cut flowers from Costco were arranged by moi....
Silver balls and sparkly pine cones made it a little bit more special.
Now to the lanterns!
 Julia, my former Maison Decor shop manager, made this charming vignette out of
a lantern we used to sell at our store.  A reindeer in the snowy woods....with a red plaid bow
couldn't be more Christmassy!
 Matthew and his wife Jenny teamed up on their lantern, 
creating a snowy sparkly winter wonderland!
Our little holiday party was held for the second year in a row.
It has been determined to be an annual event. 
(I guess that makes it a success, and oh what fun!)
Make your own moments, big or small, and celebrate
this season without the stress and demands it can usually bring.
I know we all enjoyed ourselves, and each of us walked away
with a keepsake to remember this cold New England day with friends.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Snowy Sugarplum Teacup Tree

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads....
 A sugarplum tree! 
A snowy sugarplum tree with tiny teacups!
 Come inside and let me share my vision and 
show off this magical and delightful snowy tree.
 Sugarplums and White Christmases go hand in hand of course. 
Don't you agree?
So when I got the chance to partner with the lovely 
Tree Classics, (The World's Best Artificial Christmas Tree Company)
I couldn't resist one of their snowy flocked trees and decided to put my 
own fairy tale spin on it, using my collection of pink and purple teacups.
Our french doors from the courtyard open into our dining room, and I thought it would
be wonderful to have a snow covered tree for a happy holiday greeting to our home.
Our dining room is decorated in neutral grey and white, and my collection of purple
transfer ware is hung on the walls and stacked in the cupboards.  So why not hang my teacups
on the tree, and then fluff it up even more with pink and purple ornaments.
This tree was a breeze to set up, and with the lights already wired on, all I had
to do was fluff out the branches a bit and start decorating.  There was very little white
flocking that came off the tree during the set up, and if you have ever tried to flock your
own tree, this is NOT like that at all.  No mess.  Just white wonderland goodness.
There is also a very clever foot pedal, so you just step on it 
with a tap and you can turn it on and off.  So convenient!
Our snowy  6.5' White Flocked Fir Deluxe Tree has the white lights.
When turned on, the tree gets a soft golden glow that plays up the pink tones.
Its just magical! 
A skein of lavender angora yarn made for a super skinny garland as was
some vintage looking purple metallic garland. 
More is more with a monochromatic tree scheme,
  so some white frosty garland was layered in for a sparkly accent.
Our dining room has touches of old European elegance, and so it made perfect
sense to add the Tree Classic Gold Sequin Skirt in a crumply rumply
 fashion around our sugar plum tree.  I opted for a smaller tree for 
the space, as you can see it is tucked into a corner.  It feels just right,
not to big, and not too small, at 6.5' in height.
Christmas Eve was a big deal in our family, with the five of us kids waiting to 
partake in a fancy dinner with mom and dad at the dining room table in our old English Tudor.
We all had to get dressed up and after dinner we presented our special "Kris Kringle" gifts
to one another.  My dad came up with the idea that on Thanksgiving we would pick names out of 
a hat for one another, and then get to work for the next month making something by hand.
Christmas Eve was the night you got to give your Kris Kringle to your recepient,
after dinner, and of course champagne was served~even to the children!
It was quite a special night, and often times my grandparents joined us around the table.
Our dining room had a grand fireplace and mahogany paneled walls, with stained glass windows and 
a big built in china cabinet for all of the dishes.  And there was even a bell ringer button on the floor under the table so you could call the servants in from the kitchen.  I told you it was a grand old house...but anyway I think now how perfect it would have been to have a second
tree in that room! Back in those days people didn't really do that kind of thing, second trees.
Unless you were a Rockefeller.  
Which we were not. 
So its a bit ironic to me that I get to have an extra tree in this home of ours now. 
It truly adds so much ambience, and I can't wait for Christmas Eve this year.
Christmas Eve is still the "big night" for us, yet we don't do the handmade gifts anymore.
 Old things have always had a special place in my heart.  Tales from 
days of yore, like the poem of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
transport me back in time, and I love picturing it all in my mind.
My tabletop collections are often featuring old things used in unusual ways,
like putting antique French door knobs together with pink bottle brush trees.
Or a pink nantucket basket filled with roses and old shiny brites in 
pretty pastel colors.
 Flocked trees are so popular now as it brings to mind a snow covered
tree, a white Christmas and all the goodness that entails. 
Create the tree of your childhood dreams...
you will be glad you did!
I loved partnering with Tree Classics once again.
 I have had the pleasure of working with this wonderful company
 three years in a row, and created memorable and beautiful trees.

Sources for Tree Classics listed below:
I am joining some talented blogger buddies on this Snowy Sunday to share our White Trees.
Please visit them and see just how wonderful a white tree can be!

Complementing Your French Style With a White Christmas Tree -
Savvy Southern Style - Snowy Sundays
pink tree window and tree
White Christmas Tree in Breakfast Room

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